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What or who is Lutii?


The brand Lutii, was personally created by an award winning women's fashion designer, Lantie Foster. She decided to use her years of fashion experience to create a beautiful and uncommon pet collection just a few years ago. Being a fur mom herself her entire life she knew what was functional day to day, but desired to translate those common cheap dog designs into tailored feminine beauty for daily use.


Lutii's sales grow every year!

 Our mission is to deliver a high standard of excellence, craftmanship and customized service not so common in the pet industry. 

We live/work here in NYC and continuously obtain "limited" and special designer fabrics from Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klien, Anna Sui and more to use in our doggie designs. 
When you buy from Lutii, you are buying the best. It’s a great feeling to use these beautiful fabrics from designer's dress collections & simultaneously cut down on waste.


Lutii has reimagined the pet industry with a beautiful line of elevated and functional essentials for our small dogs. I design my products so that you can feel confident that when you are out and about, your pup is in the most comfortable and beautiful designs available. After all, a perfect carrier or harness should be as cozy as home.

“I don't  like to wear cheap fabrics, why should my dog?” That’s our motto!


~ Lantie, designer/owner of Lutii.


small dog harness, small dog carrier, lace harness by Lutii

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