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dog harness lace harness vest harness dog clothing cat harness chihuahua yorkie maltese designer small dog harness "NAVY FLOWERS" by Lutii

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dog harness lace harness vest harness dog clothing cat harness chihuahua yorkie maltese designer small dog harness "NAVY FLOWERS" by Lutii and women's NYC fashion designers.

NEW! ~ "Navy Flowers" Beautiful & expensive quality dog harness of NYC designer fabric. Lazor cut corded satin. Beautiful, very expensive designer fabric w/scalloped edges incorporated in the design.
We make most of these dog harnesses to your pet's exact measurements.
Need help measuring? Watch our video -
This dog harness style is for very small dogs (under 15 pounds for safety reason)
would you like a safety buckle added?
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*********************** OUR STORY : *****************************************
We are working women's fashion designers here in New York City who actually design entire women's upscale dress collections for various fashion retail companies. In an unexpected fashion twist, we have recently added dog harness designs to our lives!

I admire well made elegant designs so I have never been happy with the low-end cheap fabric choices in chain pet stores. They never matched my outfits or personal style....:) I also had many problems finding super small harness to fit my tiny yorkie dogs over the years. I had the idea to combine these two problems into 1 solution. Use our fashion knowledge with the same beautiful designer dress fabrics, current fashion runway colors and use more modern hardware to combine and create an elegant collection for our pets. "Lutii" was launched in March 2017!

*********************** WHAT'S IN OUR DESIGNS ? ************************

We use the very best fabrics possible with our fashion experience. Designer fabrics only, nothing cheap for every detail. Expensive corded Lace, 100% cotton laces, real metallic leathers, 100% hemp, 100% Linen canvas, fine mesh, hemp, cotton or nylon webbing and high-end hardware. We play with different textures for unusuaal combinations.
Myself & 1 part -time sewer, hand make each harness here in New York with love of fashion, dogs & fun!!
********************* About this style pictured above : *********************

This fabric design is limited.
– Beautiful but strong Navy Blue lace design. Many holes to cool your pet.

"Navy Flowers" will really pop on a white or light colored dog. Perfect for a boy or girl.
~ shiny, modern, gold D-ring
Cinnamon or Black available for accent ribbon
Navy blue strong nylon webbing
100% cotton twill tape binding –Navy.
velcro closures-black

***************************** WHEN ORDERING : ****************************
If you are not sure about the size chart listed, you are welcome to send us your exact pet's measurements & we will make it perfect for you! As pictured in our sizing chart chart, we need 3 measurements :
1) NECK - The total measurement around pet's neck,
2) GIRTH - the total measurement around the pet's widest girth/chest which is about an inch behind armpit of front legs..:)
3) BACK LENGTH - the back length from back of neck to where the tail starts. This helps us decide the length of your harness better...:)

*************************CARE INSTRUCTIONS : **********************
Please treat these designs like your favorite cocktail dress! These beautiful designs are not meant to be worn all day, every day on your pet. They are not meant for swimming or rolling in the mud…:) Washing : Gently hand wash/swish lightly in cold or lukewarm water only. Pat dry, do not wring. Lie flat or hang dry. ~ Enjoy the numerous smiles & compliments!

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